A Horror Test, A Book Review, his Wife and her Lover

Just a couple of quick links:

  • Wooden Spoon’s posted a cool Demon Theory review
  • In anticipation & celebration of Halloween, that fifth page of the Demon Theory quiz-thing‘s been very updated
  • I just last night rung that 100-page bell on the novel I started a few days ago, which has a title still probably too tentative to say, as it might lock me into it or something. Anyway, about it: the rule this time around’s that nobody can kill anybody, and there can be nothing supernatural, and no body parts flying. And that it can’t go over 180 pages. Also — and this is my research for it — does anybody know what tip-off/kickoff is called in a hockey game? Like, if it were a foosball game, that moment the ball/puck huts the table/ice, and all the sticks start clattering and I’m smiling because I’m thinking again about Happy Gilmore?
Author: SGJ