ATBS script

rigged this up in just under 14 days, I think, a while back. I’d just finished reading that graphic novel which I suddenly can’t get the full title of: Thirty Days of Night? vampires, Alaska. lots of brilliant writing. anyway, at the end of the trade pb–not even sure it ever came out single-issue–there’s a sample of the script, and I really like the idea of writing in panels. so rigged ATBS up that way. a much leaner version. as for why that ‘electronic version’ watermark-thing: just staying legal, as best I can. that’s why it doesn’t print, or save, or send, too, sorry. Click below to read it (in PDF):


[ March edit: just wrote it to FlashPaper as well, here ]

Too: you’ll notice in a few parts I say “[teen titan],’ like that’s a term that can refer to any specifical kind or school of animation. trick is, I have no idea what the term I need actually is. Just that, on Teen Titans, when Robin and Cyborg & Co. get all reduced to caricatures/silhouettes, and there’s not really even a nod to realism anymore, it’s just like the character’s emotions or pscyhological states or whatever are seeping up into the artist’s wrist, so that the emotions/states take over–that’s what I’m going for when I say ‘[teen titan].’ and, if you know the proper term, post it here, on the Velvet, somewhere . . . please?

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