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Few More Interviews

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When in Spain, 2023 version

Was there in November—Madrid first, then Barcelona, right up until Turkey Day here in the States—but started that vampire novel right after, so: am only just now posting the media from that week and a half there. Not sure where all the photos &etc ended up, but, here’s what I find, scraping Twitter:

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Dig the graphic
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Back to it soon (the site)

Been ignoring everything I could get away with ignoring since Dec1: started a novel that day. Finished Saturday. Think I said on X or BlueSky that it’s my first vampire novel, but . . . realizing now I actually wrote another back in 1999. But it wasn’t good enough even to mess around rewriting. Some novels you write just to learn, yes? How it is for me, anyway. Wrote my first werewolf novel that year too, which wasn’t good enough to send out. So it goes. Like that p…

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Nearly forgot

on my best of 2023 list, I’d somehow left nonfic off. it’s there now, a month later.

and, now need to drop a random image here, to keep this post from disappearing:

(wish I knew the artist, here. just found this randomly in my downloads folder. guess I stumbled across it on social media or somewhere)
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The Year of this Locus

I don’t know. It was going to be a clever subject line. Until I wrote it. But? Proud and honored to have a book on their list:
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