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25% off Pre-Orders!

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$1.99 Reapers!

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80 Days and Counting . . .

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I know X is terrible now—”now,” yes—but every once in a while, you can still find something amazing and perfect and timeless:

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Best of 2023

First, a couple of things anybody’d be proud of:

and, that Seger ranking is, I believe, up 0.05% from last year. and this doesn’t count how much I watch his stuff on YouTube, either. as for the Lyft badge, one thing I learned, being on tour for Reaper, is not to slam driver’s doors — so many of them, the first thing they say when I get in is how the LAST person just slammed the door. which I took, correctly I think, as a warning to police my own behavior upon exiting. An
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All the Pretty Reaper Lists

For the end of another good year. Thanks, all. None of this without all of you.

And, apologies in advance: there’s two or three duplicates in here, I think. Having such a hard time ferreting them out, though . . .

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Deep Dive into Indian Lake

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