Best Reads from Lately

Which are pretty soon from the last post like this. But, in my disorganized notes, I found a whole stack that I’d meant to post (hopefully I haven’t already?), so, with them, yeah, there’s already a few here. I’ll put some “####” down where the breakover point is from recovered/unlost ones to “new” ones.

Ashley Loring Heavyrunner: 20-Year-Old Indigenous Woman Vanished in 2017 |

‘Mind-blowing’: 3 Genetic Groups of Grizzly Bears Align With 3 Indigenous Language Tribes in Same Zip Codes


Your Favorite Scary Movie: The Oral History of ‘Scream’ – The Ringer

Fossil of a giant millipede reveals ‘the biggest bug that ever lived’ – CNN

4 of the biggest archeological advancements of 2021 — including one ‘game changer’ | Georgia Public Broadcasting

‘Don’t Look Up’ Spoilers: Adam McKay on the End, Post-Credits Scenes – Variety

Author: SGJ