2022’s soundtrack

I mean, for me. Started dialing up music videos last night about 1:30 in the morning, I guess. Then, just now, had the bright idea to pull my watch-history up, add them all, in the same order, to a playlist. Which I think I’ll now use to write a novel; I like this progression, these songs.

Anyway, here’s me about halfway through those music videos:

And, that timeless eternal bulletproof unassailable golden-perfect playlist:

hm. had Night Ranger as the cover-thumbnail. but, this is in the first video, so: guess it’s working?

Also, should add (this a late edit/1.6.22): I can’t actually take the one-two punch of “The Boy” and “Butterfly Kisses” on a daily basis—can barely handle it annually—so, they’ll of course be replaced with something.

Author: SGJ