Not talking that Gershon/Tilly movie from a while back, though nothing against it either. Instead, DEMON THEORY. If you listen close, and if you happen to live right next door to MacAdam/Cage’s printer, then you can maybe hear it getting bound. Anyway, that’s the word I get, which I’m guessing I can announce: DEMON THEORY‘s got itself to a bindery. Meaning, yeah, I was lying in that last post, with my within-the-week forecast, but, too, I mean, the original pub date was 4.13, yeah? so, when it’s real and official next week, all that’ll mean is that it’s a month late. Which, of course, suggests nothing if not that it’s pregnant with something. What? I don’t know. There is a birth in the book, though, so, if there’s one around it now too, then, man, all these levels of encasement, of lining your mirrors up so they reflect down into a tunnel you’re kind of half afraid to duck into–it should be some kind of ride. like Captain Spaulding’s, maybe, up-front in House of 1000 Corpses.

Too, talking dates, should DEMON THEORY hit on 5.16, as Amazon says, then it’ll be sharing a date with My Dinner With Andre. I promise there’s more action in DEMON THEORY, however, though maybe about the same amount of dialogue. Too, of course, I see what next week’s about: DEMON THEORY and the DA VINCI CODE movie are going to be neck and neck, racing to pull in the same audience. So, I mean, if we beat them to the shelves, then, yeah, I’d guess those box offices receipts’ll be a little light. Or, to look at in a realistic, X-Men way: you can’t really stop a juggernaut. You can, however, slither up onto his neck as he ambles past. The shoulders of giants, all that. Trick then is to pull that enchanted helmet off then, poof, just leave a wisp of brimstone behind, begone.

All of which is to say, I guess, the trailers for DVC are sure to be a marathon. Might not be a bad idea to bring a book along. Just, y’know, any book, of course. Or, I don’t know, maybe some big horror novel, even, one that has both Tom Hanks and Dan Brown all tangled up in its sieve.

Anyway, when I hear that eldritch sizzle that means DEMON THEORY‘s just appeared on my porch, I’ll probably say something about it in here.

Author: SGJ