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chainsaws/elk/mannequins/werewolves . . .
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Scares that Care 2022

Couldn’t have been a better time. Even got gifted an action figure for The Only Good Indians:


And I saw my dream-knife up close, with the glass taken away:

and, in the lobby of the hotel, there was about the coolest Pac-Man machine I’ve ever stumbled across:

(I didn’t play)

And got to take snapshots with a whole cavalcade of wonderful people:

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Elk in Birdland

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Some recent write-ups

of a few of the books:

Review: THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY by Stephen Graham Jones (2022) | Jo Writes Fantasy

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Cool French edition

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Books & Tats

Twelve years ago, a student showed up in my grad workshop with some Brian Evenson words inked onto his forearm, and I remember thinking, Wow, man, can’t even imagine that happening in relation to one of my books. But? This isn’t the first The Only Good Indians tat I’ve seen. So, so cool:

(and, should that tweet go away, the pic is here)
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B&N Brackets

The journey was long, the competition intense, but The Only Good Indians made it to the final-final showdown, against . . . the winner, one of my all-time favorite novels:

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