The Stanley

One of the cooler group-photos I’ll ever get to have been in, I suspect, since, I mean, it’s too late for me to photobomb The Right Stuff or Reservoir Dogs, or sneak into that hot tub with Steve McQueen, or jump off the roof behind Joan Didion’s Vette:


And, for reference, here’s the original:


So cool that Pablo Kiolseth remembered the right way to hold his hands at the front of the shot. Though, had I been actually thinking ahead, I’d have had my Ze

Writing: It Takes a Village

For the thing I’m writing right now, I of course needed info. This is just for today and yesterday, too. Here’s the process:

  • What’s a likely military-cargo plane out of the Middle East?  ➔ called my dad (retired USAF)
  • Where’s John Wayne buried? ➔ asked Google
  • How does a doctor get certified to perform surgery? ➔ facebook-mailed a doctor-friend (who’s also a writer)
  • What other Road Rage-ish kind of stories are out there? ➔ texted a friend, ende

Writers, Writing (and not)

Makes me half-nervous, making fun, as I know you see your own frailties best in others. But still—well, I don’t like coffee, or beer, or fine dining. But I’m sure I’m a poser in some way all the same:

List of Things That Don’t Make You A Writer

When I moved to Austin, I was surprised to learn that every guy and gal hanging out at a coffee shop was a novelist, every barista was sitting on a few truly outstanding, and unpublished, literary masterpieces, and ev

Fine Dining

This must by my first post about food, ever. Anyway, was just commenting on a friend’s pic of a some pie on Facebook—can’t link to it, but the Instagram’d version’s here—and realized that the reason I have yet to try keylime pie (that’s what the pie in question was), even though I promised myself to after it looked halfway-good in Million Dollar Baby/on Clint Eastwood’s fork is that new food terrifies me like little else. Seriously. M…

Al Jazeera Panel

Was live, and now it’s here. Good times, good panel, good hosting; we could have gone a couple hours I figure. And, we were all talking before things cued up, and I don’t think any of us are trying to pull JK Rowling down. I mean, all writers owe her for creating a whole generation of readers, yes? I know I was always there at midnight, waiting for the next Harry Potter, and I’ve kind of ceremoniously handed her books on to my kids. At the same time, though, in her &#…


99669-1426853845726I should have put a podcast category on my 2015 list. I’ll just do a whole post instead. Because a lot of them deserve a wider audience, and, honestly? Not sure I could really pick a favorite. Podcasts are so . . . situational, like. At the gym I want one thing, driving another, walking across campus yet a different one. And, when I know the hosts, or the guests, that’s yet another variable to factor in. Like, I like you, dude, sure. But I don’t want you driving to D…

Year in Review: 2015

‘Tis the season for lists, yes? And mine at this time of year, they’re always skewed by my terrible recall—the books and films &etc that just happened always seem to get higher billing. Still, in an effort to be even-handed, I did scroll back a few places, just to refresh, refresh (that’s a story joke) (which is hilarious), and here’s where I land, more or less. This time with pictures, and, yes, this time including books by friends, because, I mea…