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Few More Interviews

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When in Spain, 2023 version

Was there in November—Madrid first, then Barcelona, right up until Turkey Day here in the States—but started that vampire novel right after, so: am only just now posting the media from that week and a half there. Not sure where all the photos &etc ended up, but, here’s what I find, scraping Twitter:

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Recent interviews, podcasts

Been a month or so since I did this, so . . . gonna be a longish post—lot going on for Halloween season, for Earthdivers vol.1 season, for Reaper trade:

Interview: GrimDark Magazine:

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Red Nation

Join TRN Podcast cohost Nick Estes for a live interview this Wednesday (10/4/23) at 3PM ET with Stephen Graham Jones to discuss his most recent book, Don’t Fear the Reaper, and Indigenous horror in general.
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Recent interviews, podcasts, much etc.

at 17:30, I believe

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Kingcast from the Reaper tour!

here, or wherever you get your podcasts
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Recent interviews, etc

(aside from that panel, couple of posts previous)

(Paul evidently just told us something SHOCKING)
(forgot I has this shirt until right before I made this)
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Three Interviews
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