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Best of 2022 so far: for January
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Best Reads from Lately

Which are pretty soon from the last post like this. But, in my disorganized notes, I found a whole stack that I’d meant to post (hopefully I haven’t already?), so, with them, yeah, there’s already a few here. I’ll put some “####” down where the breakover point is from recovered/unlost ones to “new” ones.

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Best of 2021


Plural. Because: two is always better. And, both of these are doorstoppers, too. Doorstoppers I didn’t want to go over, whose labyrinths I’m still plunging through, faster and faster:


It came out in 2020, but I only read it in January or so of 2021. Stuck with me all year. And I’ll probably be reading it again. Which is to say: I agree with the Pulitzer committee:

Fight Scene

A new category, but this scene warrants it:

runner up for fight scene on a b
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Can’t Wait

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More like this, please

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