Never thought I’d have the chance to slip into these pages with some fiction, since Fango was dead. But then it came back. And now it’s having it’s 40th Anniversary. And I’ve got a story, “Night Tag,” in THAT issue, out as of . . . either now, or July 1st. Either way, they’re already showing up:
thanks to Mark Riddick and Fangoria for the killer art

Can finally-finally say it without promising whoever I’m telling it to to secrecy, or to somehow post-date this info: sold two horror novels to Joe Monti at Saga! This is the outfit that did Rebecca Roanhorse’s Trail of Lightning. This is the imprint of Simon & Schuster that just moved to the Gallery Publishing Group, which used to be Pocket. This is the editor that, over the past month or so, pushed me to make what WAS Elk Head Woman, a slasher, into the new and im…

So, I ‘m not really one to snap a pic of my food (unless it’s Whataburger) (but even then I usually just do the receipt, or the wrappers), but if I’m at The World Famous Dark Horse Bar and Grill at 3:15 in an otherwise normal afternoon, ordering fried zucchini:

( hold the mushrooms please, always, thank you )

Then that can pretty much only mean one thing: finished another novel. Which, I DID just type ‘wrapped’ another novel in there, but, do you eve…

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