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new-websiteIt’s what the new theme’s called. It’s made for showcasing cars—photographs, at least—has a cool built-in slider I can use if I set a featured image with each post. but, the drawback is that it then plants that featured image large-size at the top of every post. So, I fiddled with this, fiddled with that, re-learned CSS and had the usual fun parsing PHP, and this is what we got for now. what’s cool is that—I don’t think I have a screenshot (I didn&#…

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tried to add The Faster, Redder Road to the menus, and it somehow broke all the secondary menus. I deleted it, but the breakage persists. So, either I’ll reinstall this WordPress or re-install the theme or nab a new theme, I suppose. And hopefully soon. But right now I’m writing a novel. Sorry for any inconvenience. In the interim, you can can click on ‘Posts’ (or, about anywhere) on the top_nav menu, then use the Search box to find the book pages and wha…

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Unbrokenfied Links

Took TWO HOURS yesterday to go through, clean up all the broken junk over in the navigation. And there was no small amount, either, sorry. Most were the result of other sites updating this or that, which changed the URL. Meaning, I only lost four or five stories, two or three interviews, and a couple of podcasts. So, all’s well.

However, I would guess there’s still the occasional broken link in the posts. That kind of tending, I don’t think I’ve got the …

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A Thousand Words on Madison County

I haven’t been this impressed with a slasher in a good long time. I want to say since Cabin in the Woods. And before that . . . Tucker & Dale vs. Evil? Behind the Mask: Leslie Vernon? Except none of them quite play it Golden Age, either. And that’s good, don’t get me wrong. As you can tell from Demon Theory and The Last Final Girl, self-aware’s more than fine with me. Almost all the slashers to come all along after 1996 have been the children of Scream, after all, if not clones. And you …

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the new site here

So, post-hack, lost a few posts, all the comments, and have yet to get everything tailored exactly as I want it, but’s more or less functional again, even if the images &etc in some of the links aren’t going to work anymore. And the menus and boxes will continue to change, as I figure out what does and doesn’t work. Actually going to use categories this time around, anyway. Should help. Anyway, any grievous kind of problems, obviously m…

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Site updates

Just a note to say, yep, it’s all different now. Got tired of the red and black stuff, just washed it all out grey and white. it looks like it should in Firefox, but I’m thinking that, in IE or IE-driven stuff, the “em”-size CSS is going to get ignored, kind of throwing off some of the formatting. anyway, maybe I should just use pt-size instead of em-. Or, is that a problem for anybody?

Anyway, as always, any bugs, leave a comment here, I’ll fix. Only o…

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Glitches, etc

if you click somewhere and, I don’t know, something bad or unexpected happens, or if you’re having trouble with some form, with display in some browser, anything along those lines, put a comment down under this if you want, please. We’ll try to get on it (where ‘we’ = ‘I’).…

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Site FAQ


see the Author faq.


still playing with that, when I can remember to. have ‘’ and ‘’ writing themselves over ‘’ for a while, if that’s the link you clicked to get here. but yeah, the three domains/URLs/addresses: they all resolve t

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Draw the line HERE…

[ all the entries and posts and pages &etc below this timestamp are wrong. just all stuff I copied over from the old/other site. so, yeah, I could go into the mySQL table(s), rig the times to some approximation of what they are, or were, but, too, I kind of like the idea of all the dates in here bottoming out in late January, here (right after I turned 34…). however, this place being shiny new and all that, if you find any deadlinks or navigational dead ends or get caught in s…

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Exclusives from way back / the old site

I can only remember two–the first-first glimmerings of BIRD & FAST, then the full glossary for BIRD (okay: there were two novellas as well, but they’re gone, now, sorry).

That FAST piece, I wrote it deep in the morning, after having just lied to an editor at a party that I’d finished the novel already. so I went home and started it. and, BIRD: it ook forever to find the right and proper voice for that one. but then of course it turned out to be many voices. as f…

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