Or, ‘cyber’ with maybe some ‘lycanthropy,’ anyway. Chocolate and peanut butter, man. Conan and Red Sonja. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie. Or, well. All I mean is that my story “Deviants,” bam, it’s now in Red Fez 13.


And, no, this isn’t my favorite look for werewolves — hands down, what I go for’s that long, lanky, sharpnosed kind, from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (or, that pale one that gets run over up-front in Ginger Snaps, nevermind that all the ones after it are the ‘shoulder pad & mane’ variety, which I really don’t think’s all that efficient a build for a creature that’s supposed to be Wolfen-fast) — but what gets me about this pic are the eyes. Just that look. That’s where the wolf is, here.

Too, talking werewolfery, Toby Barlow’s Sharp Teeth‘s officially out now, and doing good. It’s more than worth hitting. Nothing but cool. Catch a trailer here.

Author: SGJ