Getting (more) (and more) Depraved

Another interview, this one over at Depraved Press, with Jesse Wichterman, who asks some good questions. Mostly we just talk about politics and the climate and religion, and what role Dee Snyder could play in all of them, in a just-slightly different reality. Or even in this one. Then of course, when Snyder isn’t the best fit, we fall back on Blackie Lawless, who’s always dependable in a pinch, especially where weighty issues are concerned, but finally settle on an ideal candidate (for political leader & valiant cloud-bringer) being more along the lines of some understated hybrid of Harlan Ellison and Ted Nugent, though of course with the arms of Stallone in Over the Top.

Too, does anybody out there know how to say ‘VALIS’ with a sword through it, per the Conan logo? Or, how to write it, really. How to draw it. And also where the ‘A’ is the old Star Trek badge. Or even the newer one, when it was a communicator. And if there’s any way to get the leaned-over circled ‘X’ from X-Files in there, all the better. But I can’t figure how to do that part. Or any of the rest either.

Too: yep, couple of announcements of the book-variety coming soon here.

And, as for what I wish I were reading right now: that Monster, 1959, by David Maines. Something about the parts of it being ‘reels,’ it, you know, feels so right to me. That being maybe the first time I’ve ever quoted an Alabama lyric, at least purposefully. Surely not the last, though.

Author: SGJ