Demon Theory sneaks

Just realized we’re T-minus four weeks on Demon Theory. Usually by now galleys/ARCs would have been floating around, but, gremlins being what they are, we’re holding our breaths for the final copies instead. Which might make it all cooler, even.

Still, though, I feel kind of bad about not giving any sneak peaks.

So–and yeah, this may get pulled, as I’m kind of doing it without permission–here’s twenty or thirty of the first pages of DEMON THEORY. The first is in FlashPaper, which I’m just stumbling upon; it’s supercool. The second’s just a standard PDF. I would hand it out just as straight text, but, yeah, the formatting would explode, I’m pretty sure.

Anyway, snag the PDF if you want, forward it wherever (the security’s set so that it’s printable, and, I think/hope, snaggable), and, if you know how, snag the SWF that’s embedded in that FlashPaper/DMON.htm too, do with it what you will. Or, leave your e-mail below, I can try to mail you whatever, provided your inbox has the proper girth.

the links: DMON (FlashPaper) | DMON (PDF)*

* though I can set the initial zoom/resolution on the FlashPaper, I’ve never known how to do this with a PDF. anyway, it looks best around 100 / 115%, I’d say, not the “234%” or whatever it defaults to at first

Author: SGJ