Upcoming & Current

  • another story in Cemetery Dance. a zombie-piece. too, if you don’t subscribe to their newsletter, I’d recommend it. if you’re into horror, I mean. lots of the bargains/sales they’re always doing, then intervws and reviews and all that good stuff.
  • an interview on Misnomer. looking like it’ll post there tomorrow. was a blast to do, and hopefully I didn’t say anything too terrible.
  • too, the first review of DEMON THEORY‘s out, in the April Texas Monthly (not sure if it’s on the shelves or not yet; like Francis Dolarhyde, I found the early copy at the airport [unlike Sir Dragon, I was on my way to PA, for a reading]). it’s very cool. wouldn’t be surprised if a piece or two of it ends up on the cover (of DT, which I’d guess is at the press right about now). and, as for release dates, Amazon says the 18th, and maybe they know?
Author: SGJ