Demon Theory update

Finished copies exist, are real, are in the mail now. If I had the skills, I’d rework some of those gas-shortage pics from the late seventies, of all the cars lined up, only I’d put a big DEMON THEORY in place of the pump. or maybe pirate one of those Body Axe commercials, re-edit it to showcase DT >>>which, yeah, as you can see, Logan over at the Velvet just rigged up. very cool. rigged this one up too.

reading now: Anne River Siddons’ 1978 THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR.

what it’s doing to me: messing up all my good plans to, instead of buying an old house that might be haunted, just building a new house, because they’re never haunted. Now I know they can be. Which pretty much just sucks. Boats are never really haunted, are they? I mean, yeah, with a canoe, all I really know about them is that this is the part you die in, that’s the part Jason jumps out of the water from, but still–the only really haunted boat I can think of, aside from The Flying Dutchman, I suppose (both Spongebob’s and the other one), is George RR Martin’s Fevre Dream. But, I mean, fill a boat with vampires, it’s not going to be a happy boat, I wouldn’t think. Of course I’m no expert, though.

Author: SGJ