To be read

never at a loss for stuff to read. if I could just shoehorn one more syllable in there, it’d scan pretty cool, I think. what little I know or can take a stab at talking lines. anyway, yesterday afternoon’s library haul (this doesn’t count the ninety-plus I already have checked out, on my shelf, which I call The Annex). was going to type them all in for that Books You’ve Bought But Haven’t Read Yet (or something) thread over at the Velvet, but good grief: that’d be a task. yet, of course, I wanted to show off my good taste. and also my lack of education. how I’ve dodged that SQUADRON SUPREME this long, who knows. and, really, that DEAD WEST, I read it last night–Indians, Old West, zombies: everything good–and am already many pages into both my minimum required hours of sleep and CJ Box’s IN PLAIN SIGHT (there’s a relationship there, yes). anyway, didn’t put my big/pretty/new (used) OLD BOYS up there because it doesn’t have either an LC or dewey decimal number on it. and, really, what I keep finding myself reading lately at odd moments is Rodney Jones’ SALVATION BLUES. Has lines in it like this:

All my life I had been around cows named after friends
and fated for the slaughterhouse

Anyway, yeah, if I’ve done it right, that pic’s enlargable. don’t even need a patch or a pill or a handy visual either.

And yeah [Van], HOUSE NEXT DOOR blew me away. I have the movie Netflixed now. along with BURNT OFFERINGS. and also a couple of Spike Lee things (I refuse to call them ‘joints’), just b/c I liked INSIDE MAN (the first Spike Lee I’d ever seen–as you can maybe tell from the library books here, for me “S. Lee” always meant Stan the Man…).

DEMON THEORY updater: due to some postal conspiracy–either that or Descartes’ evil genius is screwing with me again–my porch is still a stranger to any copies of DT. So, yeah, if you’ve got one by now somehow, I’m jealous. I hear it’s real, though. I mean, I’ve never seen Neptune either, but know it’s out there. Same with DT. Except, of course, it’s due to collide with us all soon. Unlike, I hope, Neptune. Knock on wood.

Author: SGJ