Done Got Booked

by the guys over at Booked. I think we were supposed to go in the area of thirty, not more than forty minutes, so, you know, fifty two, that’s us just completely exercising control, I think. but, I mean, we were talking about zombie and slashers and werewolves (a bit), about horror and hospitals, about writing and writers — how’d we ever find a stopping point, right? Right. And, I re-listened to make sure this was up to their usual standards (to make sure I hadn’t wrecked the boat), and there’s even stuff gone. This one suspicious seventeen or eighteen-minute bit, even . . .

anyway, the real focus, it’s not me, it’s Warmed & Bound, and it’s a series of excellent interviews/podcasts. I just try to skew things towards hockey masks and the like.





Author: SGJ