Don’t Fear the Reaper tour: NYC

I can’t shake these two into the right order, but, few interviews before hitting The Strand—this being one of them:

video should be turning up before too long . . .

And another:

Which is here:

And somewhere in there, heading up to the Simon & Schuster offices, I saw THIS in the lobby of 30 Rock:

My editor Joe Monti, my publicist Sydney Morris

Just Joe and me:

he (Joe) whom without there would be no trilogy, no Good Indians . . .

And then a solo shot or two:

I never know what to do with my feet, in photographs. or my mouth—my whole face, really.

AND, waiting many-many floors up . . . CHIPOTLE meet and greet!

Next, after a quick change (the QUICKEST change), it was pre-signing:

Even got a video of it:

And, after a quick visit to the Halloween store, and ducking into Forbidden Planet to sign some Earthdivers, sneaking over to a restaurant to eat Andy Mitton’s leftover fries real fast—

he of The Harbinger . . .

—and a few minutes of being lost/sure I was going to be late to my third event in a row:

Which is hair down/horns on. And here’s hair up/no horns:

Here’s some clips from it all:

And . . . horns on, hair up:

But Rupa wears them better than I do:

Always the best, hanging with Ellen:

And that was NYC! Couldn’t have been a better whirlwind of a time. Think I was in town for less than twenty-four hours? Next up: Pittsburgh.

Author: SGJ