Forthcoming fiction, &etc

  • “Raphael,” in Cemetery Dance
  • “Jumpers,” in Fresh Boiled Peanuts
  • “Adultery: a Failing Sestina,” Behind the Short Story
  • “The Fatherland is Rich and Varied,” Liquid Ohio (but they’re on hiatus or something…)
  • twenty definitions in Home Ground: a Literary Glossary of the Landscape and Language (Trinity University Press) (Barry Lopez, ed.)
  • also was supposed to have a zombie-piece published at Halcyon, but they haven’t updated in two months or something, so I’m not holding my breath or anything…
  • too, a story Flyways picked up forever ago (“The Wages: an Argument”), then did who knows what with, Controlled Burn‘s putting it out here soon, along with a Bleed Into Me review and a mini-interview.
  • other than that, only other forthcoming thing I know of’s that Cult interview, linked over to the left here. I’ll post all the upcoming AWP readings/panel fun under Events before too long, here, and would guess, with Nick or somebody’s help, we can have audio and video of the stuff up within the week, anyway.
  • [ of the note to self order of things: mail stuff out. I always forget to do this. have, I’d guess, between twelve and eighteen stories just sitting on my hard-drive doing nothing ]
Author: SGJ