Goodreads Nominee!

My Heart is a Chainsaw, swimming upstream. Which I guess is mixing metaphors. “Hitting it out of the park,” then? No, no. Um. “Firing on all cylinders?” “Making waves?” “Bringing home the bacon?” I would say “Leveling the competition,” as a way to, you know, be pretend-clearcutting a stand of timber, except . . . man, keeping a metaphor in check isn’t worth having to think about knowing down a bunch of pretty trees, is it? And, anyway: those trees are excellent novels, some of them by friends, the rest of them by—I hope—friends-to-be. So? Click, vote some direction, thanks. And then the rest of the categories:

Couple of cool images to go along with it, via Saga (which is to say: I got zero image-manipulation skills, could never have done stuff this cool):

Author: SGJ