Hell on the Homefront Too

A TG Sheppard line*, yeah. That and Elvis’s “Kentucky Rain** make up a whole eight or ten month block of my . . . not childhood, but that’s when I listened to them most. ‘Life,’ I guess. Which is pretty much the complete opposite of the story just out here:

CDance 58

An interview and a Demon Theory review in there too. And, yep, it’s been on the shelves for a bit already, but I’m just seeing it anyway.

Also, the TOC for Phantoms (Prime; Sean Wallace/Paul G. Tremblay, eds.) is out now:

Intro: Literary Horror: Dude, you made that up!
The Cabinet Child, Steve Rasnic Tem
The End of Everything, Steve Eller
A Ghost, A House, Becca De La Rossa
The Ones Who Got Away, Stephen Graham Jones
After Images, Karen Heuler
The Ladder of St. Augustine, Seth Lindberg
What President Polk Said, Vylar Kaftan
Kinder, Steve Berman
Set Down This, Lavie Tidhar
A Stain on the Stone, Nick Mamatas
Mr. Wosslynne, Michael Cisco
Jounquils Bloom, Geoffrey Goodwin
Invasive Species, Carrie Laben
She Hears Music Up Above, F. Brett Cox

* that specific link because it cracks me up how they spell ‘chorus.’ Not sure if it’s fancy or just plain wrong, but either way, I imagine it’s what the guy on rhythm guitar calls it.

** talking TG Sheppard, though, and who isn’t, I have had a much longer relationship with his “Slow Burn”:

In her high heals kicking ‘cross the dance floor
She’s more woman than I could ever ask for

Too, for the longest time I had TG Sheppard and BJ Thomas and Gary Morris all golemed together in my head (must have the been the beard, there, even though I never pulled David Frizell or Johnny Lee or any of the other beard-guys in (though Eddie Rabbit wouldn’t count, as his beard was always way too manicured)). I got better, though. However — just now realizing this too — I have absolutely no visual association for Gene Watson. Feels really strange. And I’m not looking him up either.

Author: SGJ