State of the Slasher Address

Man, came home Friday after watching Prom Night, just all conflicted and twitchy from it, and then the next morning woke early, slammed down an essay-thing about it, and then of course hit the wrong button, lost it all, so, when I finally had time (that night), I re-did what of it I could, and bam, now it’s up at PopMatters, one of the sites I respect the most:

Author Stephen Graham Jones looks into the disappointments of the Prom Night remake, finds pause to reflect back on the past of the slasher film and sees a glimmer of hope for the future.

Also, for the close readers (even casual — really, you can run by the screen while fighting a small dog and still catch it), there’s a thing that slips out downlow on that page. Was waiting to say it out loud until I had a very specific date to pair it up with. Now that date’s “Summer.” Ideally, it’d be “Corvette Summer,” and Mark Hamill would be involved somehow, but still, I’m happy with how it’s all going nevertheless.

Author: SGJ