It Came From Del Rio

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–> you can post a thumb of the author photo, yeah?

[ yeah, whatever. I’m sure that’s exactly what everybody wants ]

–> and, and I’ll kind of do a write-up that’s not a write up about the book, maybe?

ones that got away
from the back of the book :

it’s this dad, this dad on the lamb, hiding down in that old fugitive myth of Old Mexico, when he’s offered a job too good to refuse. but, but things on the border, they’re complicated. especially death. fast-forward to fifteen years later, and there’s this zombie slouching up from where he was buried. not to eat brains, but to get a little justice, wear a giant rabbit head along the way. to maybe reconcile with a daughter he thought long gone, a journey that’ll take him into his past and into all our futures, from Mexico to Austin, and maybe, just maybe, explain this latest rash of chupacabras as well.
_ _ _

and, the publisher, Trapdoor Books.

and, photo Gary Isaacs

Author: SGJ