Jack Bauer for President (&etc)

and Dana Scully for surgeon general, yeah. really though, just here to post a cleaner version of that Demon Theory banner:

[ it may take a bit to load, as it looks like those prior two banners are still down at the bottom of this page, trying to load as well. well, still down there as long as this is the top post, I think ]

really, though, what all this banner-stuff has put me in mind of is revision. or, I should say, “Revision.” that which I never teach but always say is a pretty good idea, yeah. that which I tend to do incessantly–or, that which I do now: used to, I thought revision was tantamount to fear of never producing anything new. Thus, you mull over the same crappy 3000 words for three years. but, yeah, I got better. Anyway, if I can steal the time, I’ll see if I can cobble something together about the whole thing.

Author: SGJ