what’s a friend list without an enemy list, I say. but, anyway, people kept asking why I was such a loser as to not be on myspace, and I kept answering that, hey, I’m not in the sixth grade, but, anyway, went in there finally, looked around, and liked it enough to stay. Click the image to go the profile, I guess. Dont think I have any friends yet, though. Not even sure how to lure them over.

and yeah, I see Craig (Clevenger)’s over on Tribe, maybe, so that’s enough for me to know it’s cool. Maybe I’ll be there soon as well. Might do that Amazon ‘plog’ thing as well. Sounds like a crustacean libretto or something, but, I don’t know. Could be fun. CJ Box’s is cool enough.

[ oh, and no, no word on when Demon Theory‘s rolling out to infect the world, both readerly and non- ]

Author: SGJ