Just a couple links

As opposed to a ‘couple-three’ links, yeah. Which I’ve really always loved saying, but hated hearing.

Anyway, was digging through about 22,000 emails, and unearthed a couple of links I’d meant to post in here, like this:

  • the illustration for that “Raphael” story. only one even half as cool’s the one Cemetery Dance (also) had done for that “Father, Son, Holy Rabbit”-one. but of course too I’m all romantically attached to my first-ever illustration, way back in Blood & Aphorisms (before it became “B&A”). a couple of large-size nervous pencil jobs of a guy with needles, for “Carbon.”
  • and, a page from that Homeground I contributed too, my “Hueco” term. too, I’m pretty sure the first run of Homeground’s history already, but of course there’ll be just printings and printings.

[ and yes, by using no front-of-the-sentence caps here, am I contributing to something bad, or part of something good? ]

Author: SGJ