Good news, good news (wish I could say that in that wheezy, exuberant, already squinting because he’s about to be hit with a hat way Rosco P. Coltrane could). FC2‘s going to be publishing my novel Ledfeather. Couldn’t be happier. For me, it’s to Fast Red Road as Return of the Jedi was to Star Wars. not the most claro image, but that's his trademark expression, the one where you can hear the sound he's makingBut without the teddy bear picnic, of course. However, whereas with Fast I was really and consciously trying my best to undo the whole tradition of the novel, Ledfeather kind of embraces this novel-mode. But still, yeah, some undermining going on there. And, though I’d promised myself never again to do the things to my brain that Bird is Gone did, man, Ledfeather hurt my head just as much, I think.

Author: SGJ