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from the fc2 website :

After burning up all the blacktop New Mexico had to offer with The Fast Red Road and rewriting the Great Plains into a place both more and less Indian than they already were with The Bird is Gone , Stephen Graham Jones has now brought the story up to Montana. And it’s leaner than it’s ever been. Not because it’s about the Blackfeet, who have been schooled by the government on how to starve, but because this time the story is just about one Indian boy, standing in the middle of the road at night, trying so hard to change history. And these next moments, the headlights already throwing his shadow miles behind him, across all of America, these next moments are going to decide everything. Balanced on the knife edge of winter like the Blackfeet have always been, a single act can resonate for generations. This is Ledfeather. The story of Doby Saxon, standing in that road just outside Browning, his hands balled into fists, the reservation wheeling all around him like he’s what the last hundred years have been hurtling towards.

And maybe he is.

Ledfeather is a tragic, complex yet intriguing story of life on the reservation, today and in the past, told in what might be termed the McSweeney stream-of-consciousness style – Denver Post

Readers who enjoy the trippy books of Kathe Koja, a disjointed structure like Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22, a plethora of characters as narrators like D.M. Thomas’s novel The White Hotel, and the concept of becoming “unstuck in time” like Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter House-Five will relish the Ledfeather journey. Jones’s mastery of reader manipulation is finely edged as he moves readers around the vast dreamscape of his prose and shows them how quickly the so-called banality of existence can become horrific — Forword Magazine

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that photo from the bulletin board in Fish & Game:


and, talking moose and men, I kind of had high hopes this tweet was about Dalimpere (click it to go there):

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And, here’s FC2’s first cover:


And, that mis-hear I persistently do in Def Leppard’s “Animal,” that I never can explain, that’s pretty much the first words of this novel, not Skid Row’s “I remember you” (which is of course great), but this one, where I just always think that’s the line, except now that you can see Joe Elliot saying it, it’s less easily confused, but still—I’ll put the video here (to three or so seconds before that mumble) instead of trying and failing to explain:

Too, this just showed up. Pretty cool:


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