The Missing Image

From Ledfeather. Was digging through an old box today and came across it, but now can’t find it on my hard-drive. Anyway, it’s the one I talk about in the author’s note at the end — the one that pretty much started the whole novel. It was supposed to get included in the book, too, an endpaper, on the back cover, something, but somehow isn’t. So, in lieu, here it is now (lo-res, last-minute scan, sorry).


The story on this pic is, I don’t know: Ledfeather? All I know, and all anybody knows, I think, is that it turned up in some of Housing’s files up on the reservation, and they figured it had more to do with the Game Office than Housing, so they sent it over. Then it got tacked onto a bulletin board. End (beginning) of story. It’s from 1923, according to the signature thing there.

Too, the first version of the cover for Ledfeather, it incorporated that image. And was a serious cool cover, too:

LF-zero zero one

Author: SGJ