Mongrels at the Cocteau Theater

Good time last night at the Jean Cocteau theater in Santa Fe:


Here’s the write up of it at grrm.livejournal.

Was my first time to try Mongrels out on people out loud. Always scary, but always fun, too.

Also fun—pulling into town seeing this:



Also fun, getting to hang out with this cool guy again:

That drink, too? “Hair of the Dog,” special for Mongrels. In a — you guessed it: A Game of Thrones glass.

And? I may be back down here again before too long, for some more werewolf fun.

Writing this from Albuquerque, where there’s a few Whataburgers I’m missing out on tonight. Hoping to connect with Ryan Singer tomorrow, though. Also: get a lot of writing done tonight, tomorrow. Then it’s Bookworks, then a ridiculous-early flight to DC, for Erdrich’s event at Library of Congress. Meaning? Inside three days, I’m getting to hang out with two of my heroes: her, and George RR Martin.

And, now? Just room-serviced a green-chile burger. Would be wrong to be in New Mexico and not grab a least one of those.

Author: SGJ