Werewolves in the ABQ

Do people say that, “IN” the ABQ, the same way people will identify with a certain area code? Really, I kind of doubt I’m the proper age to try it out, even if it is a thing. But the three-digit rhythm feels right, anyway. As did Mongrels at Bookworks:

bkworks sign

And, what was cool? They broke out ALL the yellow books:

yellow wolves

What else was cool was seeing an ex-student there (hey, Sarena!). And Lee Francis, to talk comic books long after the books were signed (I’ll be at his indigenouscomiccon.com in November). And—get this—a Blackfeet, all the way down here. And Ryan Singer, to take this pic:

bookworks 2016

I like to stand when I do book events, really, but, as it’s been a limpy night, from some ill-advised early a.m. basketball, the chair was much-needed.

Also cool? At the Walgreen’s after the reading, the clerk actually recognized my Princess Mononoke shirt. First time that’s happened.

Also? I never come to “the” ABQ without some of this action:

So, now it’s up early, off to DC and the Library of Congress tomorrow, for the official Day One of Mongrels.

Author: SGJ