Old Dreams I Still Have

Living and dying by Magnum PI growing up, I of course fell head over heels for this color scheme:

However, helicopters being far from any reality I knew, and trucks being ALL of my reality, I of course, then, wanted a truck with that color scheme, as Ford was doing in the late seventies:

Is that not baddest truck? Well, except for this one, which I think is a modified version of that—different wheels and tires, the color scheme kind of made louder:

Anyway, yes, I still do dream about this Bronco. I had a 79 Bronco, of course, but it was blue and white (and I’ve currently got a blue and white old Chevy, but it’s not Ford blue and white, it’s just junky Chevy blue and white).

Some day, some day.

Also still high on the wishlist: a bandit-black TA:

I’ll never escape dreaming about the cars I grew up dreaming about, I’m pretty sure. And I don’t see why I’d ever want to.


Author: SGJ