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Best Reads from Lately

Which are pretty soon from the last post like this. But, in my disorganized notes, I found a whole stack that I’d meant to post (hopefully I haven’t already?), so, with them, yeah, there’s already a few here. I’ll put some “####” down where the breakover point is from recovered/unlost ones to “new” ones.

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Best Reads from Lately

Fairly suspicious that this venue is going to shift to an ELK ELK ELK! site for the next couple weeks, meaning my list of good stuff I read will get all unwieldy once again, so, will just post what I got so far:

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Best of 2016

Best movie’s a hard call, especially as I’ve yet to see The Eyes of My Mother or Nocturnal Animals or Moana or Kubo and the Two Strings. Also? I doubt I’ve seen just all that many of the award-contenders either. But I did luck into a few good theaters/iTunes rentals/Netflixes:

Television of course is the one the whole world loved, then the usual (superhero) suspects, then a couple that should surprise no one, then a Netflix stumbleupon that was amazing, an

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Don’t Fear the Reaper reviews, lists, tweets . . .

Probably a lot I missed. Here’s what I’ve seen:


I have been waiting awhile to make this one. If you want a follow up discussion, let me know in the comments! Please Preorder and pick this one up! Special thanks to @NetGalley for the ARC #booktok #horror #slasher #horror

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