Randomer and Randomer

  • Looks like I’m up in Massachusetts — that how you spell it? so much easier just to say “MA” — this February 7th, for a reading. More as, I don’t know, it stops being more than half a year away, I suppose.

  • A friend lent me that Paris Review with the King interview that I was talking about last time, and, yep, it’s excellent. Too, a very cool JT Leroy interview in there as well. And some good poetry by a friend, John Poch.

  • Just read that How to Survive a Horror Movie. Pretty excellent. section’s like “What To Do If Your Corn Has Children In It.” Nothing but fun. I especially dug that movie listing at the end, with commentary. Too, had I known about this book, that quiz I rigged up forever ago would have probably wound up looking pretty derivative. Not nearly as fleshed out, anyway.

  • Also, what in the world is this about? A new Star Trek? Is that sacrilege? I mean, not on par with Paramount having a remake of Footloose in the works, but still, I mean, wow. Nothing against Zac Effrem, the new Ren — Effrem was good enough in High School Musical, I say — but c’mon. Where could anybody find another Ariel? Another Lithgow-as-priest, or, especially, his perfect perfect wife, who holds her husband by the upper arm and says in her squinty whisper of a voice to Just let them dance?

  • I thought it was very cool that, at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there’s a “continuity editor” listed in the credits, acknowledgements, author’s note, whatever it was. And also, of course, loved that book, the series, the experience.

  • And, if you like your porn without any of that distracting sex in it, then this might be for you. If you can tolerate it. Kind of like watching Cannibal: the Musical, just without any of the song & dance numbers. Except this is worse. Much.

  • Evidently this is big news, but who knew: Twilight Zone: the Movie on DVD.

  • Too, keep your eyes open for BQueen’s review of FLIGHT OF THE DEAD. Looks like a pretty original premise.

  • Talking horror movies, too, Trick ‘r Treat looks to be pretty excellent.

  • Too, looks like I’m going to be part of a horror remake roundtable thing here before too long. Where & when soon.

  • I seem to have said ‘excellent’ three times here, in the space of just a single post. Strange things are afoot . . .
Author: SGJ