These Things Happen

Misjudged when Monk was coming on last night somehow, so had an hour to kill, and, yep, accidentally started writing a new novel. Bad thing too is that my new MSWord has this running wordcount on the bottom. First time I’ve had that in a few years, now. Anyway, current count, 4,097. And I’m really and truly and honestly going to try to keep this one under two hundred pages. Already having just all kinds of fun with it. As for the title, content, all that, I’m all superstitious again, after giving that all away with Ledfeather and then it taking me nearly two months to write, which is, like, generations for a grasshopper, I think, and eternity to a fly, so, instead, just a little math problem with pictures, which, if you already know the novel like I do, just gives everything away :

not giving the title away just yet

Oh, and yeah, Monk was supercool. As always. Though, yeah, I miss Sharona.

[ and yeah, that pie, I don’t imagine anybody’ll be mad about me nabbing it. the zombie, though, that looks like somebody’s art. whose? somebody who can draw zombies real good, I guess. maybe werewolves too, though of course it’s hard to tell from just one job with the undead. anyway, I copied the image here, if that helps lead you to the artist, or avoid me trouble, etc ]

Author: SGJ