Seven Spanish Angels up for pre-order

At least at Amazon, . There’s a synopsis on the listing, or, here at DemonTheory, or, I could just tell you that it’s about a unicorn who finds a flower under a rainbow and falls in love with a pirate centaur who’s only interested in her for how well she sings, and he of course quits his high-seas life and they have a baby seahorse together that also has wings and can fly but, as bad luck would have it, is only interested in mermaids, who are all betrothed to various ronin and assorted demigods, so, yep, one morning we find the unicorn trying to stand up at the edge of their special glade, but she’s bleeding from the forehead, has been dehorned, and, if we’re seeing right, de-fetlocked as well, so the centaur dad looks away and puts her out of her misery, and retreats to a high cave with his seahorse son, leaving his seahorse son’s mermaid girlfriend out in the meadow by the glade, and she’s looking over at that steaming white corpse, at that place where fetlocks used to be, and she can kind of see the dim, crude shape of the one who scooped that part of the leg out, and chewed through the horn, and — but it can’t be — does that mean he’s back, the one who used to leave the narwhaleni on the beaches to cook in the sun, and, if he is (and he is), then it’s up to her now to catch him, it’s up to her to save the glade, so she sets her lips, looks out across the unbroken sea, and makes her way out into it, heedless of its depths.

Or something like that.

Author: SGJ