Drama in Real Life

Some of you’ll remember a bit ago, before the hack, the crash, the switch to another host, I posted a cool excerpt by Pablo D’Stair (which the hack/crash ate, refused to spit back up, and I couldn’t figure how to get a remade version back in-line with the rest, which sucks, but that’s not why I’m here, now, talking about Pablo).  Or some of you may have the installment of Predicate we did together, and which I’m still tangled up in in my head, in the best way. Or you may remember just a couple of weeks ago, Pablo talking about The Bird is Gone  for a Sri Lankan newspaper. Or—much more likely—you maybe know Pablo through his own work. Or maybe you went to kindergarten with him, or currently have him targeted in a lawsuit, or own some incriminating videotape of him. If so (the tape), then this probably won’t interest you: his new “Why’d You Go and Do That?” series, where he gets confessions from people about shady activities then matches them with his own, and him and whoever (me, this time) then interrogate each other about this a bit, trying to keep things centered around fiction. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s here: click.

Author: SGJ