Shirley Jackson Awards

So, these judges, they were all huddled together over pizza and beer, and they got to daring each other this and that (I hear there’s pics), and it finally came down to seeing if they could slip a clown into the novelette category, strictly for fun, because who could win again Stephen King and Laird Barron, right?

Anyway, will be my second time to be a finalist here, which is honor enough, really. See all the finalists here (including — twiceBrian Evenson).

More later, including whether my typically-ridiculous schedule’s going to allow Readercon this year, where the Shirley Jackson Awards are announced. Last year it was completely excellent, the best con I’ve yet hit, just for the company alone, nevermind the panels etc, so, going to try to make it happen. But, yeah, it’s always the exact same day as this big yearly thing on my reservation, which I always try to go up for. When I’m not ending sentences with prepositions, I mean. Sometimes when I am, I suppose, being as that’s always.

Author: SGJ