StarFest 2010

Should you need to run me down:

( )

8:00pm Friday night, that triple feature. The poster’s down below here, or bigger in my “etc” photo album. I’m introducing, in this order, DEAD AND BURIED, THE KEEP, and THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS (also: lots of cool trailers). am more than likely going to get some zombie facepaint, too. just because when it’s around, that’s kind of what I do. often even when it’s not around.

10:00am Saturday morning: werewolf prevention. just want to see this.

11:00am Saturday morning: reading stuff aloud with some other horror writers.

12:00am noon Saturday: on a Teaching Comics at CU Boulder panel

3:00pm Saturday: signing.

8:00pm Saturday night: leading a Slashers panel

8:00pm Saturday night also: at the Big Guns dinner. no clue how I’m going to manage to do both of these.

that night: there’s some screenings, yeah.

12:00 noon Sunday: on the Famously Furry (werewolf) panel

3:00pm Sunday: hopefully the Zombie Survival 101 demonstration. be prepared, all that.

don’t have any rooms to be saying here. don’t even know where this place is, really. but I trust that’ll all become apparent once I’m there.

Author: SGJ