Tattered Cover

Hey, Tattered Cover (Colfax) has a green room now! So cool. Anyway, was a good time, answering questions about Mechanical Animals with Selena Chambers, Jason Heller (editors of this), Molly Tanzer, and Carrie Vaughn. Really, Molly and Carrie and me, we’re on stage so much together we’ve pretty much got a routine, by now. And it’s always fun. This is us after it was all over, posing by the chalkboard upstairs, already bundled up for wherever it was we were going to go to get food &etc:

this being right before I ordered the biggest plate of fries I’ve ever had. even with sharing, I couldn’t make a dent in them

Also did an event last night at BookBar, but I don’t see any pics of that anywhere yet (I’m not on fb…). I read “The Calorie Doctor,” which I’ve never read out loud before, I don’t think, and which I edited on the fly, as I wasn’t as fond of it as I guess I once was. More important, I got to discover there’s a Tocabe just right down the street from BookBar (I’ve eaten a lot of Tocabe, but always catered, never at the counter), and, Tocabe, man, that’s an American Indian Chipotle. Which is to say: I love me some Tocabe. I need all of it, please, and all the time:

this is one of four or five panes of the menu (I feel very weird taking pics, so rarely do)
Author: SGJ