VHS Book Covers

Not sure why, but I’ve been stashing these as I stumble onto them. Will add more as I find them, probably. They’re kind of cool. The Darnielle is more like the actual iridescent tape from a VHS, but still, it’s kind of on the same shelf:

And, guess this is kind of the same? Taking a streaming show, ripping it from DVD, transferring to VHS, then rigging together a make-do cover for it? Anyway, cool. Found it here (if there’s a better way to link Imgur, which I don’t really understand, can do, just let me know. want, of course, to give the artist/maker proper credit).

Anyway, if you know of some more, link me in the comments, I’ll smuggle them into the gallery above, and there’ll then be a master repository of “VHS Book Covers” for . . . I don’t know what reason, really. Appreciation? Jealousy? “To Aspire To,” yes. As in, to write something that deserves that kind of treatment.

Author: SGJ