The Deer & the Owl

Hey, this tweet got enough hearts that, were it Link, he’d now be functionally immortal. But I guess this is A link, anyway:

Anyway, yes, I subscribe to that philosophy. It’s a big reason I have so many scars, so many injuries, why I’m on so many daily pills in these my creaky years. Doesn’t stop me from collecting more scars and injuries, though. You should see my leg right now, from the last jump (on my mt bike) that I think I probably made, though there was a lot of cartoon craziness and general trauma upon landing. Was worth it, though: some part of me or my bike scraped up a cool rock that looks like it may have had some flakes knapped off it a long, long time ago. I found a good fencepost to leave it on, then made it home, wanted all the pain to stop just for five minutes, so drugstored some spray that I thought would be perfect—it has “derm” right there in the title, and it was my (missing) derm that was hurting—but, when my wife got back from out of town, she explained to me that I’m not really the person who knows what to buy, and how to apply, and when and why. Still: it’ll start healing soon, I know, in spite of my triage.

Author: SGJ