The Demon Theory / Horror IQ

Finally rigged it up, here. It’s in Javascript, so hopefully your browser’s got that turned on. No cookies, though. And, the only possible glitch I can see, really, aside from not knowing the answers, is that if you’ve got your screen-resolution set too low, then things might get a little bit hinky. Which is the first time I’ve ever used that word. And yeah, it’s not set up to take comments/corrections/answers, so, if you’ve got any, just leave them under this. Don’t worry, though — there’s no essay questions.

As for other news, I don’t know: hit the Rob Zombie show Saturday night, and it was good. Somebody wrote asking how to buy Demon Theory, and I of course thought to myself, ‘Hmmm,’ which means, roughly, did this person own a computer, and, if not, how had they e-mailed me, but then I tried to shoot them back an Amazon link and bam, Demon Theory’s gone from Amazon. Maybe it was too scary? Who knows. Think some signed ones are going up before too long through Shocklines, anyway, and of course they’re all over every other place, both cyber- and physical, so shouldn’t be hard to find.

Anyway, reading Charles McCarry’s OLD BOYS right now, and, man, it’s the perfect, perfect thing. Like every other one of his books.

Author: SGJ