The Glass Teat

Benson: only the good die young
Cheers: have a good life
“You oughtta know”: grammies
bball–23 sick and scoring 55 or whatever
challenger (jfk/towers)
rockford: 50 people tell you you’re drink, maybe you oughtta lie down
uncle jesse: only one way to go down a hill. STRAIGHT down.
tasha yar: going back
chrissy to jack: save air in elevator, one nostril

pop-up video: bob seger, Screentime
seeing myself on tv: scott, rabies

also: ROCKFORD wins best opening credits of all time. also, as there can never be another James Garner, ROCKFORD FILES is immune to the remake virus.

missed out on mash, buffy, reality

yes to X-Files and Brisco, but there it’s the whole series that’s magic. can’t pick any certain part.

Author: SGJ