What to do just right before you turn 35 :

  • First, and this is important, get Vince Liaguno, the guy who knows slashers so well that he managed to somehow trap one on the page in The Literary Six, to have written just a supercool Demon Theory review over at Unspeakable Horror, then, moments after that,
  • find out that Ellen Datlow, she who more than anybody else is probably responsible for you being a writer — her OMNI fiction being your first experience with fiction that was doing something, that was more than just words on the page — has selected your “Raphael” short story out of Cemetery Dance for the twentieth The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, and then
  • somehow hold your breath until Monday, when NBC and Fox, thinking a cake just wasn’t going to cut it this year, decided just to give you those next installments of Heroes and 24.
  • Only thing that might make it all better would be, you don’t know, maybe some movie that’s everything you like in a movie and more finally getting wide-release . . .

Author: SGJ