The Postman Rings Twice

What’s showing up on my porch any day: author copies for Ledfeather and The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti. Each now up at Amazon, if not quite orderable yet. As for official release dates, I think Ledfeather‘s going to be first, though Nolan Dugatti‘ll be available right around Ledfeather‘s official day (early/mid-August). Very excited about each of these, too. Haven’t had a two-novel season since 2003, All the Beautiful Sinners and The Bird is Gone. It’s fun.

And, as for where my porch is these days: Colorado. It’s why the long silence these past couple of months. Luckily, though, I’ve managed to hurt myself enough on my new bike1 that I’m laid up for a few days. So I can catch up in here, maybe.

As for what I’m reading/watching/listening to: Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness, The Howling, and “All Summer Long” (those chords up front are supposed to be Skynyrdy, I know, but they’re pure “Werewolves of London,” yes?). As for what I’m not seeing yet: Hellboy 2, The Dark Knight, X-Files. Feels so strange right now being me. Not just from the heaping handfuls of pills I’m on, but because there’s an X-Files that exists that I haven’t seen yet. The other day at some gas pump I put my card in and, instead of the readout-thing telling me to do this or that, it just came up with the word ‘Disloyal.’ Which is about how I’m feeling right now. I mean, on the upside, I did recently buy a Jean-Luc Picard action figure to put on my desk with Scully and Mulder, but still. A true believer would have been there Thursday at midnight, right? Right.

Too, I remember in some interview forever ago saying what my favorite shirt was. And at the time, that shirt pictured, yep, it was the shirt of shirts. But now, I don’t know. There’s a contender, anyway:

grendel T

Though of course in a fair world, this would be a t-shirt as well — one in my closet anyway:

grendel T

Also, that’s kind of a lie, I guess, what I’m watching: The Howling’s spinning in the player, sure, even always, but for the past seven hours, I think, it’s been the high end of my channels. Specifically, Classic Country. I really haven’t found a limit for how long I can watch that channel.

Too, was making lists, which is probably some kind of obvious character flaw, and realized (cue epiphany music here) that my all-time favorite SNL bit, ahead even of the ninja support group and all the Jeopardy and Land Shark fun, was that old ‘centaur job interview’-one. Which I can’t seem to find anywhere. Does it exist on-line? Would love a link, if so.

And, last, which should have been first, or its own post: anybody in Ceurnevaca next, say, March 12-15? I’m there, leading a workshop in FC2’s Writers on the Edge. Tentative title of my workshop:”anaerobicize your prose” No period there on purpose, yeah.

And, talking FC2: goodbye to my longtime & always editor Brenda Mills, without whom . . . I don’t know. ‘Anything,’ I think. And thanks for it.

So, you know: be famous,


1 I don’t know why I thought I could write a post without a footnote. anyway, new bike: Gary Fisher 29er. Rigid, hardtail, though I’m thinking hard about some front suspension. Anybody got any they’re not using? Not sure what I’d trade, but it’d be in book form. Maybe even ‘author copy’ book form . . .

Author: SGJ