2023 American Indian Festival of Words Writers Award!

Just back. Another whirlwind thirty-six hour turnaround, but, man, got to talk with so many cool and excellent people, got to be part of the coolest awards ceremony—singing, drumming, storytellers, veterans. It was this:

read about the award: https://www.tulsalibrary.org/2023-american-indian-festival-words-writers-award-honoring-stephen-graham-jones / http://tccl.libnet.info/event/7906294

And at the end of it all, I got the mic—had to set my Whataburger sweet down for it:

man, already can’t remember who slipped me this snapshot. Andrea Rogers, possibly?

And got this coolest, coolest, very heavy trophy/award:


Then it was on to signing many-many books for many wonderful people:

(think there’s a snapshot above this, if you click?)


AND getting to see this amazing display:

And, everyone in town talking about Rez Dogs, of course—as it should be:

Author: SGJ